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is perhaps the most beautiful natural phenomenon you will ever have the opportunity of seeing - an explosion of green, fluttering like a veil across the arctic sky.  When you are looking up at the aurora, you realize how small you are in the vastness of nature.

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The autumn in the north is one of the best times to spot the aurora.

If you are planning an arctic holiday, the Northern lights are of course on the top of any bucket list, and it is not only in winter time you can experience the wonder of the aurora. 
Already when the midnight sun gives way to the evening dusk in august, the magic green light starts to appear.

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On this exclusive bus tour,

our driver will take you far from any light pollution, and drive east towards the Russian border, west toward Finland, or south into the Pasvik valley, depending on the aurora forecast. In addition to the chance of spotting the northern lights, the tour offers a great opportunity of sightseeing in the Kirkenes area.

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Due to its borderland position, Kirkenes is a unique cultural melting pot with Norwegian, Sami, Finnish and Russian influence.

On our northern lights bus trip, you will experience majestic Lapland nature, the arctic coast of Norway and look over to our great neighbour Russia. 

Kirkenes is one of the best places in the world to hunt the Northern Lights. 

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With 200 aurora nights per year, and with the help of our experienced guides, you will have the best chance possible of hunting the Northern Lights. 

We will do all we can to help you find it.


Your next adventure


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Our Aurorabus starts at september 01.


Don`t miss it.

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