Arctic Highlights
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Total Arctic Adventure 


Snowhotel Kirkenes is much more than an hotel of snow or ice, it is the total arctic adventure. Your adventure starts here.


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Pre-Winter Program |  20.10. -30.11


Winter came early in Kirkenes
Winter Early Bird 

Unique Pre-winter package -available until  30.11.
We have saved last winter`s snow to make the earliest husky and scooter tracks in Europe!
2 nights | Dogsledding | Snowmobile | Gamme overnight | Meals | transport


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04.12 og 11.12. - Vi har fortsatt ledige plasser
Stor julebuffet med både varm mat og koldtbord. Pris 945,- 
Eller har vi ledig Julebuffet for grupper (min 15), Juletallerken/Julelunsj (min 2) frem til 18.12.
Omvisning med velkomstdrink i Snøhotellet er inkludert!

Our highest focus is a healthy stay for our guests - your safety is our concern. 


Dream now -  visit later

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Valid 2 years.



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Overnight Adventures

As the only of our kind in Norway, we have an open Snowhotel all year round - both for day visits and overnight stays! With the help of technology we have managed to freeze the snow hotel so that it stays frozen all summer long. So now you have the opportunity to experience the winter dream both winter and summer.
In addition, we have the luxurious Gamme cabins, if you prefer a warm room. In winter, most people first choose a night in the snow hotel, and then 1 or more nights in the old ones - why not try the same in the winter?
Both accommodation in Snowhotel and Gamme cabins includes breakfast, and a three course dinner.


Winter Program |  01.12. -31.03

Winter in Kirkenes is the stuff magic is made of, and there are tons to do whilst enjoying your epic stay in the Snowhotel and in your Gamme Cabin.

Climate and weather:

From mid November there are two months of no sun, which is called the polar night. This period is far from being a state of only darkness, on the contrary its filled by magnificent polar light, from pink to orange skies in the day to the mesmerizing veils of northern lights in the afternoon and evenings. In Kirkenes the winters are stable, and we have snow through the whole winter. Average temperature is minus 10°, and sometimes as cold as minus 30°.

When the sun returns in the end of January, "Sun-winter" begins, and the locals wake up from winter hibernation, and start going out to their cabins, and on skiing, snowmobile and ice fishing trips. So should you!

What to do:

Spend your family vacation with arctic reindeer, huskies and puppies. Go dog sledding, drive a snowmobile  for the first time, and go for the ultimate winter holiday activity, king crab fishing on the frozen fjord.

We recommending booking early, especially for christmas!  

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Winter magic in Kirkenes
Arctic Highlights 

The best of the north in one package
We have made it easy for you! This is the dream package for 90% of our guests
2 nights | Dogsledding | King Crab Safari | Snowhotel & Gamme overnight | Meals | transport


Spring Program |  01.04. -30.04

In April, spring is not far away, but for the locals, this is the best winter month! The weather is mild and you can go skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing in the bright arctic sun. There is still a chance for Northern lights in the evenings until mid April.

Climate and Weather:

What to do:


Overnight at summer price- high value package
In April, spring is not far away, but for the locals, this is the best winter month!

2 nights | Dogsledding | Ice fishing | Gamme overnight | Meals | transport


May is the month when we wind down after a busy winter season, we do spring cleaning, and start preparing for summer.

Climate & Weather:

Every year the weather gods toss a coin to decide how May will be. It can be everything from a near winter to a near summer month. Temperatures from around 5-15° can be expected and everything from snowstorms to sunbathing weather.

What to do?

We are known to be honest in the north, and May is not the greatest month to visit Kirkenes. We normally recommend coming one month earlier or one month later. Snow is still melting, plant life is still not green and generally its a bit "grey" month. That being said, we are still open for overnight, for dining in restaurant and for Snowhotel visit. 
Recommended activity is no doubt the King Crab Safari by RIB.


There is a lot to do in Kirkenes, even in the summer! Enjoy the wast, green nature and fresh air of the north.

Climate & Weather:

In June trees spring fully into green. Daytime temperature are around 10 - 15 °, and by the end of the month even 20°. July is the peak of summer, and bathing temperatures are not impossible. That`s the charm of the north, you can get everything from 30° to 5°.  In August dusk settles, and in the end of the month fall comes, and with it the Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights are possible to see from ca August 20th. 

What to do?

You can of course visit the Snowhotel 365, and get a visit to the dog farm and our reindeer included. It is actually quite possible to spend a whole day in our summer camp in the idyllic Sandnesdalen. In addition, you can drive a dog cart or go on a hike with huskies. If you are more interested in sea adventures, we will give you the best Northern Norway has to offer, King Crab Safari with RIB boat, or you can join in deep sea fishing for cod and halibut. Our unique Snowhotel restaurant is open and you can enjoy an unforgettable meal, with panoramic views of the fjord and mountains, whilst waiting for the midnight sun.

Snowhotel view autumn.jpeg

Experience the summer in the North
Arctic Summer Package

A Northern Norway summer adventure
Experience the fantastic green nature, the Barents sea and the midnight sun
2 nights | King crab Safari by RIB | Husky Mountain Hike | Gamme overnight | Meals | transport