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Have you also noticed? How much time we`ve suddenly got!

All the media implore that we must avoid physical contact, be isolated as much as possible, only go in stores when we absolutely have to, etc etc.

So we finally got as much TIME as we have always wanted.

But what happens when we finally have time? Sure, we'll be confused and unsure what to do with it.

From the media we learn that we should call lonely people. And suddenly we all feel lonely and we all start calling each other. In the beginning we talk as fast and effectively as in the old days (meaning, before March 12th here in Norway). After 1 minute, the conversation gets a little slow, we kind of don't quite know what to talk about.

Topics that used to be too small to talk about can suddenly be lifted up and become important. Not because the content itself is important, but because we find that it is important to communicate.

So therefore we can talk for 30 minutes about what color to choose when to paint the hallway.

Or about the fact that yesterday we shoveled the terrace for snow the third time this winter and that we found a flower pot that we had forgotten from last summer!

Oh my!

Isn't it lovely; that we've gone a little primitive again?

Except we can't sit at the same campfire to talk.

But we send a thank you to Samsung and Apple who now act as the modern campfire.

So, call a friend - now! Kåre Tannvik



#coronacall #quarantine #northernnorway #timeforfriends

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