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Isn't it strange; Within a few months, the world has managed to take action on the Corona virus: Airlines are grounding their flights, major conferences are canceled, Northern Italy is shut down. The list is long. The common denominator to the reaction to Corona is action. While the authorities initially answered Corona with the fact that everyone had to wash their hands and cough in paper, the tone has changed radically!

So governments around the world managed to mobilize against Corona with measures that most of all resemble a science fiction movie.

But Corona will pass by itself - it's just a matter of time. Yes, some people will not survive. I know.

My point is that the world is facing a much bigger problem than Corona:

Climate change!

Despite numerous reports and political party speeches, arctic and Antarctic ice meltdown, fires in Australia etc, our authorities' response to the climate threat is still on the level of washing hands and coughing in handkerchiefs!

After all, it is the climate that requires emission-free aircraft, getting rid of the heavy oil from our cruise ships, reduce the abundance of textiles, etc.

But no, in that case our authorities are calling for each of us to change our behavior - please.

My plea: take a Corona for the environment!

So dear world leaders; can you sit down together and summarize why you managed to push the right buttons against Corona? Can you transfer this to climate? I for one, am tired of reading that I save the climate by not dropping the towel on the floor after showering but hanging it on the hanger in the hotel room to use it again.

Kåre Tannvik, Kirkenes 24.03.20.

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