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Davos/Snowhotel- We are blood brothers!

Subzero degrees and snow! Fantastic landscapes. A dream!
World Economic Forum 2019:
While 3200 (mostly) gentlemen discuss the world's ecology, this year's theme is not really money, but climate and the challenges it entails for the world economy.
Imagine that evironmentalism rules over cash!
Because the analysis is really very simple: what are we going to do with all the billions if it becomes impossible to use them.
I don't really think anything changes until it becomes financially profitable. So, therefore, I allow myself to be a tad positive on behalf of our amazing globe.
Because I have to admit that when we started the Snowhotel 12 years ago, I thought cold and snow would be a perpetual resource.
It is not. We cut ice and freeze it through the summer to make sure we have enough ice. We produce snow in March for next December so we can be sure to build the Snowhotel. This year's Snowhotel we will store so that it can be dogsled tracks already in October.

So yes Davos; we are brothers in arms!

Kåre Tannvik
Kirkenes January 2019

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