"I must wait for the soul to catch up with me"

Today's blog is about traveling. About why we are traveling.

We know that it costs money and eventually that it is not good for climate. Nevertheless, we travel more and more... I remember from my own childhood. Then my parents filled the car to the last millimeter and then we drove on rattling roads for 700 km to Oulu in Finland. There was a beach and there was sun. Once in a while we went out to eat. It was great!

Concurrently with pumping up oil from the North Sea, wages rose and today there is no place on earth that does not have a visit from a Norwegian national or several every year. And when we meet, the question is often: where are you going to go next time? The question is even raised while we are traveling!!! Do we never get satiated with travel?

There has long been a trend in Scandinavia to travel far away in small groups with a night in each hotel and new city almost every day. That`s a lot in 10 days!! Instead of asking “where have you traveled?”, we should focus on what have you learned and what did you leave behind.

The Dalai Lama said something which is food for contemplation. He went by plane for the first time to New York and outside the arrivals hall many stood waiting impatiently for him. He didn't come out.

However, he sat down on a chair and closed his eyes. "Is there anything wrong?" the travelling companion asked after a long time. Then the Dalai Lama kindly replied, "I must wait for the soul to catch up".