The future?

When our guests sat together around the fire in the Gabba Restaurant at the Snowhotel and the atmosphere was warm and safe, the same question always came sooner or later: “where are you going to go next?”

The answers were as varied as our guests; “to unknown little gems around the globe! Have you been there?” “no but we were in .....” etc etc.

Now all our guests sit at home. Suddenly, the question of where to travel next time is a little unfashionable and uninteresting.

Most people have booked their next trip a long time ago and it's certainly cancelled.

We are all in a state of uncertainty about what happens in the future.

Here is a medical proposal; completely free and over-the-counter:

Sit down and take a journey back in time; dig through the pictures from your last trip. Maybe you bought a little memory. Maybe the book "50 Stories of Snowhotel Kirkenes"?

Take it out. Close your eyes and find the good memories.

Maybe you were here with us together with good friends; connect to them on snapchat or facetime and cultivate your memories!

It's cozy and it's sustainable.

Kåre Tannvik



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Gründer Kåre Tannvik founded Snowhotel Kirkenes in 2006. He started out with a Lavvu, a reindeer and a handful of snow. In this blog he will tell you what stirs under the snow of the Snowhotel.