Visit from Trump?

Will we have a visit from Trump?

We get many guests and some are more famous than others. In the fall the Prime Minister's Office called and asked if Prime Minister Erna Solberg could get a husky wagon ride since she had a few hours off before the plane went. (She doesn`t have Airforce One). The agreement was that she was going to be like the other guests and not stress! It was a done deal and she would pay as a regular customer.

She came and we had some pleasant hours around the fire. What we talked about was the same as with other visitors: about how we live up here with an active cabin life with sauna and chill-out. She ate our homemade reindeer hot dogs and we think she had a good time.

But then suddeny it turns into grand politics.

In November our Prime Minister attended a conference in Svolvær in Lofoten, and on-stage she got the question from some children: - where would you take president Trump for a weekend at the cabin?

Our Prime Minister had recently been with us and answered instantly: I'd invite him on a cabin weekend in Kirkenes! So now we are waiting for Airforce One!