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Snow is joy. Snow changes – every single day. Some days it falls gently, and other days it whips us.

With love. Never with indifference.

Each snowflake is different – individual.


Snow is a resource. A means of travel. A layer of protection. A preserver of life. You can form it into to any shape, and it catches you when you fall. When we were  children we ate it when we were thirsty, and built snow caves. Some of us still do.

Welcome to the Snowhotel Kirkenes Snowfun program!

This season we are taking Snowfun seriously! We have a brand new program, completely free for all overnighters, including Puppy walk, Snow Yoga and of course Snowfun!

Puppy Walk

 Our host will pick you up after breakfast to go for a refreshing walk along the fjord, with the company of one or more husky puppies. You know what they say? Puppies extend life expectancy​.


Get to know snow! You can borrow skis, snowshoes and sleds, we have made tracks and slopes, and we have plenty of snow!  Learn how to ski, build a snowman, try kick sledging, try snowshoes,  snowsledding, snowball target practice and making snow angels. If you need guidance, we are here.


Every day at 4 pm we will show a movie in Nikel lounge where you will learn about the Northern Lights and the building of the snowhotel.


Additional program:


For groups. Up to 10 people 2500 NOK, 11-15 people 4000 NOK

Take part in our outdoor Snow yoga with our yoga instructor. Get close to nature and your inner North Star with exercises inspired by an ancient Sami myth. The excercises are on beginner level, so everyone can participate. Dress up warmly and comfy.

Available for all overnighters in Snowhotel and Gamme cabins.


Available: 01.12. - 30.04.


Puppy Walk                    09:00 - 09:45

Meeting place: Outside Låven restaurant

Snowfun                           11:00 - 12:00

Meeting place: Outside Snowhotel entrance

Teatime                           16:00 - 16:30

Meeting place: Nikel Lounge