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Share your photo or video from the snowhotel! Do you have a group of friends who want to visit us, either for lunch or dinner, or just visit our snow hotel, reindeer and dog kennel? Then you are welcome! The only requirement is simple; bring your mobile, and take pictures while you are here, and post it on instagram or facebook!

This is what you do:

  • Book a dinner, lunch, activity or entrance ticket

  • Take lots of pictures of the group of friends who eat, who explore the snow hotel, the dog farm or our camp, and having fun!

  • Examples of good photos:

    • Photos from restaurant with a view (#mathygge)

    • Pictures with dog coziness With the cabins in the background (you can even borrow a dog from us and go for a walk in our park)

    • Of course from everywhere in the snowhotel!

    • On the mountain with a view down to us

  • Write a short and catchy text

  • find some good hashtags

  • The better post, the bigger prize!

We focus on "insta-friendliness" and it is important that there are people in the pictures! Do you know someone who is a good photographer, ore really good at insta, and/or likes to be in front of the camera? Bring them!

Deadline: continuous

Announcement of winner: every month, or as soon as we have qualified posts.

Terms: The posts must contain hashtags: #snowhotelkirkenes and #bestofsnowhotel

and tags and location @snowhotelkirkenes. 

Otherwise you can use the # you want yourself. If you post on Facebook, make sure you follow and tag us.

We`d love it if you also send us your best pictures to 

Prize: Gift certificate from 200 - 1000 NOK that can be used for accommodation, activities and dinner at Snowhotel Kirkenes. The Snowhotel jury will decide the amount and number of gift cards based on how good the post is and, and how many is part of the group.

Terms for using gift certificate:

  • The gift card can be used for husky, snowmobile, king crab, and snowshoeing tours at 13:00 departure, and snowhotel visit and dinner

  • For gift card to be redeemed, the price of the product must be equal or higher than the value of the gift card.

  • The gift card cannot be split up, and used on several occasions

  • The booking that you use the gift card for must be for minimum 2 persons

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Guess when first snow is coming in Kirkenes!

Deadline: As soon as first snow has fallen!

Announcement of winner: as soon the Snowhotel jury has decided snow has come!

Terms: Answer must be posted before midnight 06.11.20 Norwegian time.

Ground must be solid white. We the Snowhotel jury decide what is considered real snow.

Prize: Overnight stay in Gamme cabin or Snowhotel room. Valid for one year,

Subject to availability.

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