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Interested in a collaboration with us? 

Yes - we do work with influencers. 

We are mainly looking for influencers that are in the travel segment, that have high reach and high engagement.

We are focusing on Instagram, but also Facebook and Youtube. 
In some cases its also interesting to do a collaboration on giveaways.

Our strategy with influencers/marketing companies etc is barter agreements, meaning offering free stay, as opposed to

direct payment for services.

For full agreements we offer complentary stay, food, activities and transfers. In other cases we may offer a partially complementary stay, depending on our evaluation of the package we get.

We take collaboration with influencers and content creators seriously, and in addition to giving a first class stay, we  cooperate in order to facilitate the best condtions for making your magic content. Even though we do have a list of clear requests, we want the influencer to do their thing, and we do not interfere much in the creative process.
Furthermore we believe in having clear and detailed agreements, and we always send a contract to be signed digitally.

The standard requests we include in the agreement are typically:

  • Posts and reels on Instagram, and/or posts videos on other platforms

  • Stories throughout the stay

  • Media folder with content for our use

  • Stats

Which time is best to visit us?

January and March-early April, is the best times during winter. December and February are usually very full, but may be possible on request. We are also happy to get good influencers for summer and autumn, to help us boost our low season!

Please note we have many influencers contacting us, and we need to choose carefully. Make sure to include your media kit, and describe your promotional strategy. Contact us in the form below, we look forward to hearing from you!

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Which platforms are you active on?
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