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Our reception

For 17 years we have been offering unique adventures, and for the last 5 years even the Snowhotel 365, a year-round frozen spectacle for our guests to see, feel and sleep in.

On December 01st 2023 we also got the signature RECEPTION worthy of our winter and summer wonderland. The concept is by North Norwegian architect Lars Hamran, and the idea was to make something that is unique, but still merging with the surrounding nature.

Of course, its not all looks. It is a functional and a optimal welcome point for our guests. Not the least, a working place for our management and reception staff, unifying and strengthening us even more, to be able to offer you a even higher quality arctic adventure.

Thanks to our mother company Norwegian Travel, local contractors Varja Entreprenør as, Ma-Tek, Haneseth Kirkenes As, Comfort and Helander Anlegg As 

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