Information regarding COVID-19

Do you have a booking with us that has been disrupted?

Guests that didn`t have the chance to come to the north this season due to corona situation will have the chance to rebook for coming winter season or summer. Please contact us at and we will help you out. Please have some patience as we are not at full capacity at the moment. 

Terms of booking updated

We understand that people are more cautious to travel at the moment - even a long time ahead, so we want to offer more flexible terms for our guests. So all future bookings have a cancellation with full refund option until 2 days before arrival date. Please read full terms here.

Security Measures

Your safety is the highest priority
Security, security and accountability are three concepts we at Arctic Travel Company are central to in the experiences we offer to our guests. And while society slowly but surely reopens, many are wondering how this will work in practice. Together we must find new appropriate routines and ways of living normally, in a somewhat abnormal way.

Infection protection on board. Now that we can finally take you back on board, it is important for us that you understand how we work to prevent onboarding. That is why we have gathered the measures below.

What are we doing?
1. High infection control knowledge

All employees at our companies and our partners undergo health checks before leaving for work. All have completed WHO's official covid-19 courses for hygiene routines and infection management.

2. Cleaning

We have strict procedures for washing and disinfecting in all our companies. Special attention is paid to all touch surfaces that our guests and our staff come close to.

3. Customized food service

At the dining sites of our companies and our partners' locations, we will add the recommended spaces between the tables, have more table settings, and thus serve food for fewer at a time. In the kitchen, as usual, we have high standards of hygiene and quality.

New cancellation terms and free re-booking
We have changed our cancellation policy so that you as an individual traveler can cancel your trip free of charge up to 48 hours before you go on this trip. Click here to read about our new cancellation policy.

You can always book your trip up to 48 hours before the tour starts at no extra charge.

What do you do?
1. Arrive healthy

Prior to arriving at our destinations and experiences, all guests must provide a health certificate confirming, among other things, that you have not been in contact with anyone who has detected covid-19 for the past 14 days.

2. Keep your distance

We encourage you as a guest to respect and follow the instructions of the Institute of Public Health that require safe distance. You will be instructed on how to keep the recommended distance to others.

3. Wash your hands

Ensure good hand hygiene by washing your hands regularly with soap and water or alcohol-based hand spray.

This is how your experience will be
You can be sure that we always follow national regulations and guidelines. Throughout the period after the government implemented the strict national measures, we have closed for guests in our companies.

As part of the opening again, we will follow the government's instructions and gradually open up the number of guests in our company so that you have plenty of space around you.

In our companies with restaurant offerings, we will add specified spaces between the tables, more table sentences, and thus serve food for fewer at a time.

There will be no buffet at our dining places and our chefs will put the food portion on your plate.

In the kitchen, as usual, we have high standards of hygiene and quality.

Strict cleaning procedures
Regular microbiological tests are sent to laboratories and we use UV light to test surfaces in areas such as hotel rooms, cabins, galley and common areas. These results give us continuous feedback that the cleaning routines are effective. In this way, it is not by chance how and in what areas we clean, but it is determined because we constantly have an overview of the effect.

Dedicated teams that ensure continuous washing and disinfection of common areas

Reduced access to common areas such as sauna, pool and gym - to be on the safe side

Custom markings to help keep you away from other guests, many of whom are already familiar with queuing systems in stores and cafes

This is what our employees do for you
All employees comply with national regulations from the Institute of Public Health at all times. The staff of our companies have:

Underwent a health check before going to work

Completed the World Health Organization's official covid-19 course for hygiene routines and infection management

Thorough training in first aid and digital access to healthcare professionals should medical issues arise

Will want to assure you that you will at all times be met with recommendations for how you as a guest can do your part of the work to reduce the risk of infection. You are informed via information screens and directly by the staff.

We expect this from you and other guests
As we all are constantly reminded, this is a national virtue where everyone plays an important role. Therefore, it is important for us to emphasize that in order for all our actions and procedures to have an impact, we are dependent on you as a guest contributing what you can.

Upon arrival, all guests must submit a health form. You must confirm that you have not been in contact with anyone who has detected covid-19 for the past 14 days and that you have not traveled or been in transit in a country other than Norway for the last 10 days. In addition, we may measure body temperature in the forehead of our guests before they are allowed to join the experience.

As a guest, you will be instructed to generally keep away from others, as well as remind us to have good hand hygiene. The employees will help to make this easy for everyone to comply with. We also always adhere to national guidelines, and we update our routines continuously with changes in government advice.

To be on the safe side, we will also reserve a number of cabins for isolation if, contrary to presumption, it becomes necessary. This means that if you notice that you have symptoms, or if we suspect infection, we will be able to quickly isolate them.