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Taste the superiority of the arctic​

Enjoy unique atmosphere and arctic cuisine in secluded wilderness.

Summer or winter, an experience of wild luxury awaits you at the most special restaurant in Kirkenes - Snowhotel "Låven" restaurant,

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Available: all year

Opening hours: 18:00 - 22:00 (reservations only)

Snowhotel visit and dinner: 18:00 - 21:00

(dinner served 19:00)


For dinner guests we recommend the Snowhotel visit and dinner package.

For dinner only, please contact us at or call +4778970540 


  • Snowhotel restaurant - main restaurant. All dinners and breakfast. Capacity max 130 people.

Breakfast: Continental style

Dinner: 3 course set menus (see below) 

Menu Winter:

Snowhotel overnighters & visitors:

Snowhotel Special 

Gamme overnighters: 

Menu of the day, fixed schedule:

Day 1: Varanger Fjord

Day 2: Bjørkedalen

Day 3: Wilderness luxury

Menu other seasons:

Snowhotel visitors:

Snowhotel Menu 

Gamme overnighters: 

Choose 1 of 3 options

Fish: Snowhotel

Meat: Sandnesdalen

Vegan: Langfjorden

Please note we are not à la carte restaurant, but have set menus according to our serving plan.

We accommodate guests with allergies/special dietary requests, please let us know in your booking.

Location: Snowhotel

Winter menu  2020-2021

(01.12. - 30.04.)

Snowhotel Special
Mushroom Soup Smoked reindeer and lingonberry

Allergens: lactose, celery
Finnmark Arctic char from Ropelv. Sugarsalted roe. Cauliflower, apple and fennel sauce. Gulløye – Potato from Troms

Allergens: lactose, fish, celery
Chocolate and lingonberry. Limesnow from the Snowhotel. Brownies and lingonberry mousse

Allergens:lactose, gluten, nuts

695.- NOK

Varanger Fjord
Whale roastbeef. Smoked sour cream, capers and beets. Rye bread chips

Allergens:lactose, gluten
Halibut from Vardø. Peas puree, root vegetables, chives hollandes. Gulløye

Allergens:lactose, fish, egg
Cloudberries from Grense Jakobselv. Cloudberries our way. “Krokan» and ice cream

Allergens: lactose, nuts

760,- NOK

King crab soup. Fennel and chives lactose, celery, shellfish
Lamb from Nesseby. Baked root vegetables, lingonberry and onion compote. Lamb broth and Gulløye

Allergens:lactose, celery
Rhubarb. Whipped sour cream and chocolate lactose, gluten

895,- NOK

Wilderness Luxury
Cod and carrot. Carrot soup with chili and ginger. Lightly salted cod and bacon lactose, celery, fish
Magga`s lot. Reindeer from Varanger and fried lichen from Kallajokki. Parsnip puree, carrot, pear and Gulløye 
Allergens: lactose, celery
Brown cheese pudding. Blueberry, orange sorbet, and salty krokan

Allergens: lactose, nuts

945,- NOK

Summer menu 2020 

(01.05. - 30.11.)

Snowhotel menu

Dried lambs, asparagus, seasonal fruits and berries, parmesan cheese, herb oil.
Salmon from Bugøynes
Wild salmon *, seasonal vegetables, butter-lime-oyster sauce, Gulløye potatoes
Chocolate and lingonberry
Chocolate brownie with ice cream and lingonberry mousse

500.- NOK

Sandnesdalen menu

King crab soup
Fennel and chives 
 Magga`s lot
Reindeer file from Varanger, seasonal vegetables, red wine sauce, Gulløye potatoes.
Whipped sour cream and chocolate

500.- NOK

Langfjorden menu (Vegan)
Carrot soup
Chili and fennel
Mushrooms and vegetables
Grilled wild mushrooms, seasonal vegetables, herb sauce, barley.
Berries and fruits
Vegan mareng, chocolate, soyacream, seasonal berries and fruits
500.- NOK


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