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Taste the superiority of the arctic​

Enjoy unique atmosphere and arctic cuisine in secluded wilderness.

Summer or winter, an experience of wild luxury awaits you at the most special restaurant in Kirkenes - Snowhotel "Låven" restaurant,

Snowhotel Kirkenes Restaurants offers several unique dinner options:

1. The Snowhotel Visit & Dinner, including or excluding transfer from Kirkenes. In this classic program you will get a guided tour of the Snowhotel, and be served the chef`s choice from arctic ingredients.

2. This summer we are open á la carte. We are open for table reservations every day from 17-21, in the period 21.04. - 31.08. Choose from our stunning and delicious newly composed arctic dishes!

3. Rest of the year, choose from our Arctic Exclusive menu, among 4 unique 3 course menus, including all local ingredients, such as reindeer, arctic char, cod and vegan option.

Entrance to the Snowhotel is always included.

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Eating at the Snowhotel Kirkenes Restaurant is more than an experience for your palate.

The reindeer in the yard, greeting you as you enter.

200 huskies howling their welcome as the northern lights flickers across the sky.

Walking through the magnificent Snowhotel and seeing the unreal ice sculptures and carvings.

The view to the fjord from Høyloftet restaurant, and the crackling fire in Gabba.

The Snowhotel Kirkenes Restaurant concept is based on short-travelled, pure local ingredients, such as reindeer, lamb, arctic fish and king crab.

We strive to always add an extra touch to our dishes. ​

Like the wild herbs that we picked and dried ourselves. ​

Our homemade jelly from blackcurrant and rowan berries, and the cheese from a local farmer.

That`s why we say you not only get a meal.​ You get a story.

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Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00 | Lunch available 12:00 - 15:00 | Dinner served 19:00 | Capacity 135 people

Read about our offers:

Overnighters program  |  Á la carte  |   Dinner Program  |  Snowhotel Visit & Dinner 

Snowhotel Christmas  |  Café  |  Arrangements  |  Weddings  |  Conference & Event


We welcome dinner/lunch groups up to 90 people. We have capacity for 90 people in Høyloftet (2nd floor) and 40 people in Bingen (1st floor). All menus from our lunch and dinner menu are available. We even offer invoicing for companies

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Our classic dinner program

Available 365 days | Dinner served 19:00 | Snowhotel guided tour, welcome drink & transfer included  

The Visit and Dinner program is suitable for you who prefer the full package with transfer from Kirkenes and back, as well as a guided tour of the Snowhotel. A great arctic meal and view is guaranteed, and a guest visit from the Northern Lights is not unlikely. In summer you can wait for the midnight sun to appear.

Top the evening off with a drink in the icebar after dinner.

Menu: Chef`s choice, 3 course menu of the day from arctic ingredients .

Visit & Dinner incl transfer

Pickup time: 17:00 Return: 21:00

Pickup place: Thon or Scandic hotel

*Available in period 01.12.-30.04.

Visit & Dinner excl transfer*

Meeting time: 18:00

*Available in period 01.05.-30.11.

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This summer we are open á la carte. We are open for table reservations every day from 17-21, in the period 21.04. - 31.08. Choose from our stunning and delicious newly composed arctic dishes!

Summer menus 2023


Tomato and peanut Soup with natural yoghurt and dried feta cheese. 130,-

Whale Beetroot prepared in two ways and lingonberry sour cream. 195,-

 King crab served with sesame, sago chips and herb mayonnaise. 230,-



Arctic Char Cauliflower pure, celery, lemon sauce. 415,-

Grilled stockfish Pea pure, bacon butter, paprika, olives. 460,-

 Reindeer shank  Saltbaked potatoes, carrot pure, mushrooms and wild sauce. 515,-



Vanilla ice cream parfait, Marinated raspberries. 180,-

Chocolate fondant. Blueberry granita, vanilla ice cream. 210,-

Crème brûlée Taste from pine needles, served with fresh berries and strawberry sorbet. 200,-

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Applies for both Gamme and Snowhotel guests

Dinner: Served 19:00 Menu: Chef`s choice, 3 course menu of the day. Our menus consist of arctic ingredients as reindeer, arctic char and more. 

Breakfast: Served 08:00 - 10:00 in Winter. (01.12. - 30.04) and 0830-10:00 rest of the year. Continental style buffet.

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Spend the most magic time of the year with us

Exclusive Dinner program Christmas and New years Eve | Dinner served 19:00 | Included for overnighters | Snowhotel guided tour, welcome drink & transfer included  

Christmas at Snowhotel Kirkenes is something special.

The darkness and stillness of the polar night.

The lights leading the way past the fairy tale Gamme cabins up to the restaurant barn "Låven.

The cosiness beyond words inside the restaurant, and the magnificence of the christmas tree.

The icy magic of Santa`s workshop in the Snowhotel.

The warm smile of our staff.

Snowhotel Kirkenes IS christmas.

Spending christmas and new year eve at Snowhotel Kirkenes is a dream for many, and a reason why many secure their tickets over a year in advance. Staying with us is a complete arctic experience any time, with full overnight package with high end meals. That being said, christmas is the time the puts the "S" in the Snowhotel. This is when the winter magic truly has started, and all the best we have to offer lays at your feet. 

Christmas eve dinner program

Enjoy a delicious, traditional norwegian meal in legendary festive atmosphere. During your delicious Christmas dinner, a very special guest will grace us with his presence - Santa Claus! We will sing Christmas songs, and maybe even Santa will give you a Christmas present? After all, you should be rewarded for coming that far north, so close to Santa’s home at the North Pole! 

Menu: Christmas buffet - traditional Norwegian christmas food, as "ribbe" (pork ribs) and "pinnekjøtt"(salt lamb)

Start time 17:00 (pickup from Kirkenes) End time 22:00 (transfer to Kirkenes)

New Year`s eve dinner program

The New Year only comes around once a year, why not make it even more memorable? When you book an overnight stay at the Snowhotel on New Year’s Eve, you will bring in the New Year in a unique and beautiful location. Have you ever celebrated so far north before? Upon entering the gates of the Snowhotel, you will be welcomed with a celebration drink at the Icebar. After walking through the Snowhotel and completing your unique ‘coolest’ visit, you will be welcomed to our beautiful log restaurant for a delicious New Year’s Eve meal, where we will ‘cheer’ to our last hours of the year before midnight strikes. Don’t forget to look to the surrounding hills for the midnight fireworks display

Menu: New Years Eve buffet - huge buffet, with hot dishes with fish and meat, side dishes+cold buffet

 Start time 17:00 (pickup from Kirkenes) Transfer to Kirkenes 22:30 and 01:30

For overnight guests, program for both eves are included!

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Café in "Låven"

 Open 10:00-15:00 | Something sweet | Lunch 

Everyone who buys entrance ticket have access to the coolest café in Kirkenes - Snowhotel "Låven" restaurant.

What better way to finish your visit to the dogyard, reindeer and Snowhotel with a cup of hot cocoa in our warm restaurant? As well as hot and cold drinks, we have cakes and lunch.


Available 1.5.-30.11.2023. Served daily 12.00 – 15.00


Soup of the day

Stockfish cakes

King Crab Skagen



Vegetarian burger

Reindeer burger



Ice cream


 Chocolate brownie


See full menu here

Please, ask, we also have gluten free, lactose free and vegan options.

Lunch groups are also welcome. Prebook from our group lunch menu.

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Do you need a special place to have an arrangement?

Confirmations | Christenings | Birthday parties | Weddings

It is possible to rent premises with dining with us for events such as confirmations, weddings, christenings and other arrangements.

Option 1:  Høyloftet (2nd floor) - capacity 100 people

Option 2: Bingen (1st floor) - capacity 40 people

(capacity in accordance with current rules on infection control)

  • We only rent out including dining. Purchase of minimum 2-course dinner is required.

 Menu options:

You can also make your own 2-course menu, by removing a dish from the 3-course.
See all menus and prices here

  • Coffee and tea: NOK 50 person. Drinks (soft drinks, etc.) are in addition.

  • It is not possible to bring your own drink or food, except cakes

This includes:

  • Up to 2 hours for table setting, the gift table and decorating in advance. If possible the day before possibly in the morning the same day.

  • We set up tables and set the table. White tablecloths are included. You decorate yourself, if you want some extra decoration.

  • Cloth napkins may be rented for 20 NOK per piece.

  • If you want to serve cakes, these can be brought in advance and stored in our cold room.

  • Here there is also a big screen you can use if desired. We also have Bluetooth speakers.

 You can see more photos and video of our premises on the bottom of this page.

Payment: It is possible to pay directly on the arrangement day, or by invoice. In some cases we require prepayment.

Terms: Arrangements for over 15 people must be cancelled within 30 days before arrival to avoid fee. Full terms

Confirmations/dinner parties/christenings:

Rental Price: 4000 NOK

Arrangement day: You have the room to yourself for up to 5 hours.

Wedding Dinner Party

Rental Price: 7000 NOK
Bingen (1st floor) or Høyloftet (2nd floor)

Extra inclusions for wedding:

  • Planning meeting with our restaurant manager

  • Food sampling

  • Wedding day: You have the room to yourself for the whole afternoon/evening.

Hope this sounds exciting, we will do our utmost to make your special day perfect! 

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Snowhotel Wedding - Ceremony & Overnight

Celebrate your biggest day with us!

Are you  dreaming of a white wedding in an Arctic Ice or Snowhotel?
We are not a traditional wedding venue per se with a chapel, but it is possible to book the snowhotel as a wedding venue and rent our whole camp for a number of days. Unfortunately we cannot arrange a minister, or other annointed person who can perform the wedding for you, but we can be of assistance getting you in touch with the right offices etc.

Here is our capacity:

Cabins: 20 twin cabins, with possibility of extra bed - altogether 50 beds

Snowhotel: 13 rooms, double and quadruple - altogether 39 beds

Guests can switch between sleeping in Snowhotel and cabins.

Ceremony: We recommend to have it either Høyloftet (2nd floor of our Restaurant, or in the Snowhotel.

Restaurant: Capacity altogether 140 guests - over 2 floors. (NB! If COVID restrictions should apply, the capacity is 90)

If you would like to hold the ceremony in the Snowhotel itself, there is a dome with room for up to 50 persons (standing up).


We also have a lot of fun winter activities, including King Crab fishing, Snowmobiling and dogsledding. See all here.

They have single tour capacity from 25 - 40 people, but we can divide in groups and make a nice and smooth alternating program.

And any desirable special arrangements and wishes are of course possible, we would of course try to make the wedding exactly how you want it, it goes without saying.

Just contact us, if you think this sounds interesting, and we can go over the details.

Booking: Please note to book our whole hotel exclusively for a wedding needs to be done long time in advance, for winter season, minimum 1 year.

Availability: Wedding arrangements are not available in Christmas and New year period. Otherwise most periods are available as long as reserved long enough in advance.

You can see more photos and video of our premises on the bottom of this page.

NB! If you are only looking to book a wedding dinner party, see info above, under arrangements.