We get a lot of nice feedback from our guests and they all have a common denominator: that those who work at Snowhotel Kirkenes are so friendly. That the visitors feel they are being seen and cared for.

When the company is also making money, what more can you wish for both as a customer and owner?

We have 107 people on the payroll right now. 23 nationalities. People who come in their prime, many with long educations. They come from New Zealand, Croatia, Sweden and lots of other countries. Everyone has their story and their dreams of where life is going to bring them.

It is a privilege to be allowed to work with them: Marco from Belgrade who dreams of starting a hip-hop bar with sale of food, Simon from Australia who in the summer teaches Scuba diving in the Canary Islands, Lori from France who is saving to buy a cave system to exercise his profession as a blacksmith artist, or Léa from Lebanon who is becoming a lawyer.

Léa initially sought work with us in the restaurant, but it was already full. So she was offered the job as cleaner of our Gamme Cabins. She accepted and lined up quietly and modestly. Eventually, a rumor started going that she worked with an art exhibition in her spare time at the flat.

On Valentine`s day a beautiful singing voice could be heard in our restaurant. It was Léa who tried the microphone in a free moment from the cleaning job. The microphone was set up for our hired artist who would entertain our guests later in the evening.

The 26th of February, Léa opens her exhibition at the library in Kirkenes. Meanwhile, she plans the road to law school, and is cleaning our cabins.