Gloria Maria

We have some 38.000 visitors to the Snowhotel every year. I do not see them all, I do not know who they all are!

But sometimes I am privileged to meet them and have time for them. One of them is Gloria Maria.

(I quote and support Wikipedia:)

Gloria Maria is the first black television reporter in Brazil, the first to present the seven o’clock news, and the first to command Fantástico. However, Gloria had to face many barriers and obstacles to become a successful journalist and reporter.

For a year, Gloria Maria worked two jobs, including weekends before she acquired a position at Globo. Gloria Maria started her shift at Globo at eight in the morning and left at eight in the evening. After, she went to pre-college prep courses and then go home to sleep for an hour. Gloria would wake up in the morning to go to her job at a telephone company.

Gloria received her degree in journalism from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. After graduating, she went on the presenting news on several Globo TV programs such as RJTV, Jornal Nacional, and Fantàstico. Soon after, Gloria became known for reports she would do while traveling to exotic places such as through the Sahara Desert and even covering events like the Falklands War in 1982. She hosted Fantastico for ten years and took a two tear sabbatical to travel to places like the Himalayas before returning and taking the second position as a Globo reporter.