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Juhls Silver Gallery

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This is one of Northern Norway's most visited sights. Over the years, the place has developed into a gem of personal architecture. What lies behind is a sincere urge to

create something beautiful and an irrepressible joy in working. You will find the facility on a hill above the river a little outside the town of Kautokeino in inner Finnmark. The Juhls family expresses itself in several forms within crafts and art. Making jewelry became the most important thing.

Juhls Silvergallery is Finnmark's first silversmith, established in 1959. Before this, no one had dealt with the Sami's special relationship with jewellery. No one could have imagined the glittering splendor we can see in the Sami area today.

Another task was to recreate the strong impressions that Arctic nature makes. Many of the older models in Regine Juhls' jewelery collection Tundra are today considered modern classics.

Regine and Frank Juhls met here in the fifties. They were each attracted by the village's inaccessibility, the Sami's nomadic life and the great untouched nature. Their house was to emphasize Vidda's generous and undulating forms. At the same time, it was supposed to be an oasis for human creative joy. After the road came in the sixties, times changed and it became possible to add a new showroom every ten years.

Here, the contrasts create harmony between the simple and the exclusive, rooster and classical music. Under arched ceilings, modern Scandinavian applied art and handicrafts from faraway regions meet in a fairy-tale ornamented setting.

Today, the operation is taken over by their daughter Sunniva. She is also a goldsmith and works with her own collection.

Like her parents, she relies on a staff of skilled and committed employees. The jewelery is still made in its entirety at the growing site in Kautokeino, and thus carries with it something of the place's vitality and imagination. The workshop can be visited and is part of the facility itself. Website: JUHLS SILVER GALLERY AS Snowhotel Art Collection

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