I wander around the fairytale land: the snow is white and untouched. The reindeer watch me and wonder - where are you all?

In the dogyard, the huskies lie curled up. They have been enjoying hard workouts since October.

When they see me, a few of them come out, stretching and smiling. Will we run out today? Will you take me on a sleigh ride?

Many dogs are not in their

houses right now: we have 6 employees who make sure the dogs are well and that means that all dogs in turn can pull the sleds. Not every day, for that there are too many dogs. But right now 60 dogs are out pulling sleds in the unspoiled nature.

The little puppies run carefree around the yard while their mother lies dozing and follows. What do they know about what's going on in the world? Coudn`t care less!

The Snowhotel is at its most beautiful. </