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Snowhotel Art Collection

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

When we planned the new reception in spring 2023, we quickly agreed that ordinary souvenirs should not be sold here. If we were to sell, it had to be locally produced handicrafts. We also set demands for quality. We like to say that Snowhotel Kirkenes competes in tourism's Champions League! Then we can't sell anything in our jewel of a reception!

It turned out to be more difficult than we first thought. But after 1,500 km by car (electric car!) in the summer of 2023, we had found products that were of high enough quality and that we thought would interest our visitors.

BUT: we had a small problem. There is no market in the traditional sense for what we wanted. Not much is produced because there are not many artisans in Sapmi. The most famous works end up in private homes and are thus not available to the public. A shame.

Albeit, when we explained that we were going to create an exhibition based on the fact that we bought the objects ourselves and exhibited them, we were immediately welcomed. This was meant to happen.

Thus the Snowhotel Art Collection became a reality.

The collection consists of works from the Sami reindeer owner and visual artist Nicklas Blind, jewelery designer Inger Blix Kvammen, duodji performers such as Esajas Poggats, Olle Blind, Per Isak Juuso, Nikolaus Fankki, Tore Sunna and more.

We believe that when the works of art are exhibited so that everyone can see them, it is more sustainable than if they end up in private homes.

Kåre Tannvik Founder Snowhotel Kirkenes

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